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Year Five Writing Competition

Big Congratulations to the Winners of the
‘Year Five Short Story Competition’

Photo 02-10-2019, 3 18 36 pm.jpg
The Triumphant Few – Emmanuel, Lily, Vanessa, Haleema & Zulaikha

The date: 11th September, two days until International Roald Dahl Day. Year five are having their weekly assembly, the focus of which is the enigmatic writer himself. Discussion and votes ensue and comments start flying on which book is the best, which character the most infamous and that’s when it happens – a question.

“Mr Kiley, how do you become a writer?”

The answer, as decided by year five, is a simple one – you write. You read wide and often and write as much as you read.

To encourage this, an enthusiastic Mr Kiley sets a writing competition – write anything you like, make it original, make it creative and write as though you are the greatest story teller in the world.

The Winners

With a deadline of the following Wednesday, an inbox tray is placed on Mr Kiley’s desk and the stories start to flood in. From horror to comedy to modern twists on ancient myth and legend – all of the entries are incredibly worthy but a triumphant few must be chosen.

Big congratulations to:

Haleema & Lily – ‘Saphina, The Goddess of War’

Vanessa – ‘The Adventures of Henry Mouse’

Zulaikha – ‘The Empty Rocking Chair’

Emmanuel – ‘Anglo Saxon Boy’

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Year 5 Film Night

Movie Night Poster.png


To celebrate the conclusion of our ‘Invaders Assemble’ topic, we have decided to host a cinematic screening of ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, the story of Hiccup the Horrendous and his faithful companion, Toothless.

We simply ask that each child pays £2, so that we can buy a section of treats for them to enjoy whilst watching the film.

Monday 14th October / 3.30pm – 5.50pm
(the last Monday of this half term)

In school, immediately after collection

How Much?
£2 – for treats and drinks during the film

We’ll See You There…


Charity Cake Sale

Wednesday 2nd October at 3.15pm

Cake Sale Poster.png

On Wednesday 2nd October, St. Matthew’s will be holding a charity cake sale in support of MacMillan Cancer Support. An incredibly worthy charity that is close to all of our hearts.

Any donations will be kindly received and can be dropped off at your child’s classroom on Wednesday morning.

The circular courtyard near the school entrance.

3.15pm on Wednesday 2nd October, 2019

We’ll see you there!

(For more information on the amazing work that MacMillan do, and to find out how you can help further, visit their website by clicking the image above or the link below.)

National Fitness Day

25th September, 2019

National Fitness Day.jpg

25th September marks National Fitness Day. In a world of media and technology, we must work harder than ever to pursue physical hobbies and active lives. This Wednesday, we will celebrate all that we do to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

To do this, we ask that you send your children to school in active wear so that they may partake in a range of physical activities throughout the day. They will also be learning about the benefits of physical activity and a healthy diet.

Why not kick the day off right with a healthy breakfast and a walk, jog or cycle to school? Click on the image above to visit the National Fitness Day website.

International Day of Peace

Saturday 21st September, 2019

World Peace Day.jpg

21st September marks the International Day of Peace. To commemorate this, the children of year five spent their assembly time discussing and reflecting on the individual liberties and freedom that we have. To further encourage this reflection, we based our homework task around this theme. We look forward to exploring and celebrating these when they arrive back at school.

This year, the focus has been on how the dwindling state of the environment effects our endeavours for peace on Earth. Food for thought. For more information, click on the image above to visit the United Nations web-page.

Battle Cry: A Call to Arms

Photo 20-09-2019, 4 50 26 pm.jpg

Have you ever had to rally scores of hardened humans to fight a battle to the death? No? Probably not, you’re no William Wallace. The children of Year Five, however, have been learning all about invasion and tyranny through our Anglo-Saxon versus The Vikings topic. For a recent piece of writing, the children studied famous speeches throughout history and applied their knowledge of persuasive language to write a speech of their own. One that would inspire even the most cowardly Saxon to fight for his kingdom.